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In Hungary there are several clinics that care for patients at European level. Due to the country’s central location in Europe, almost all European countries come here to provide patients with medical care.

The price of the treatments is very different, so it’s worth asking for more offers!

Find the right clinic in Hungary

List of Hungarian clinics

Dental clinics, ophthalmologist, plastic surgery clinics with high quality services

  • New Eye Laserclinic (Hungary)New Eye Laserclinic (Hungary)
    Dr. Tóka Laser Clinic in Sopron offers state-of-the-art tools for its patients. In addition to the visual enhancement measures, dermatological and cosmetic treatments may also be used.
  • Rosengarten Weiss Dental (Hungary)Rosengarten Weiss Dental (Hungary)
    Welcome at the Rosengarten Weiss Dental. Our dental clinic was founded in 2001. Our dental clinic is located 60 km from Vienna and 5 minutes from the border. A free parking lot and also a hotel *** + & restaurant are available for our customers!
  • Hegel Dent Dental Clinic (Hungary)Hegel Dent Dental Clinic (Hungary)
    Dental treatments are pleasant in the environment. The in-house design of the surgery contributes to the relaxation of the patients. The interiors completely ignore the clinical appearance typical of clinics. Staff and dentists are friendly and helpful.
  • drLBeauty Plastic Surgery (Hungary)drLBeauty Plastic Surgery (Hungary)
    Plastic surgery in Budapest, Hungary.Excellent approach and quality treatments dr. Bernadett Lévay Plastic Surgery. Wide range of services that deliver the desired look.